Dr. Shane Gock BSc., DMD


It is my belief that dentistry is best anchored in education. If a patient understands their own health and their options then they are able to predict their outcomes and feel a sense of control in what can sometimes be a stressful environment. Communication, compassion and empathy are fundamental anchors for me and I believe that when it comes to your own health, there is no question too big or too small. I am deeply committed to continuing my own education and I continually strive to learn and provide the very best treatment available.

I was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC. Growing up on the North Shore, I was an avid soccer player and enjoyed taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors. Mountain biking, snowboarding, and building remote-controlled cars were some of my favourite hobbies. My wife, Carmel, and I met in our high school jazz band where we both played saxophones. This musical training alongside many teen years playing video games, helped me to build hand-eye coordination and improve my dexterity which guided me to a career in dentistry.

I am the fourth of the eight children in my family and we have always been a close group. My mom introduced me to dentistry at a young age because she found her passion and joy in the field of dental hygiene. Prior to moving to Calgary, my wife and I lived in Terrace, BC which had many of the wonderful outdoor hobbies that we both love. It was our connection to family and our desire to get back to our circle that brought us to this wonderful city. I am truly looking forward to watching the Canucks go up against the Flames!

I have many passions in life but one is my love of travel. After receiving a B.Sc. in Biomedical Physiology from Simon Fraser University, I decided to pursue dentistry at the University of Sydney in Australia. It was a wonderful opportunity to explore that corner of the world and I was lucky to see most of Australia and the North Island of New Zealand. After earning my DMD, I returned to Canada with my wife and we have been lucky to visit Northern BC, France, England, Scotland and a small portion of the United States together. I am really looking forward to learning more about the world and its many cultures.

When I’m not at the office, you will usually find me out with my two corgi-cross dogs, fishing, watching movies or playing video games. I consider myself to be somewhat of a foodie so I am always keeping an ear to the ground on where the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants are. I am excited to have a city like Calgary with so many options for great food.

I am so thrilled to be joining the team at Braeside Dental. Their commitment to excellence in both patient care and quality of work is what drew me to work alongside Dr. Goel and his exceptional staff. My goal is to provide dental care in a calm, open, and thoughtful way that helps patients walk away feeling empowered and proud of their smile.

– Dr. Gock

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