Sport Guards

When we see youngsters riding a bike, skateboard or on a scooter our thoughts go to safety right away: “wear your helmet” or “where is your helmet?”

For our children and youth playing hockey, ringette, or lacrosse, it is mandatory for them to be wearing mouth guards. We are very aware of the importance of wearing protection when they are participating in sporting events.

Even our professional sports teams don the protective gear. However, nothing is more frustrating to me than watching the NBA players running down the court with their mouth guards hanging out of their mouths like a chew toy. As a dental professional, we must embrace this, even though it may not be the way we would like to see them wearing it, as they are supporting the initiative to protect themselves and their teeth. It lets all the youngsters know that even at a professional level, mouth guards are being worn. If the professional sports players kept them in their mouths the whole time we would not even know that they are wearing them.

The positive part is that it can be our teaching tool. See, professional athletes also know how important it is to keep your teeth, jaw, and brains healthy and injury free, and the sports guard is a none evasive way to offer some protection.

There are lots of products available for athletes wear. Our specialty is the sports mouth guard to protect your teeth from trauma and injury.

The custom-made mouth guards offer more benefits such as:

  • Customized fit to your mouth (more comfortable to wear)
  • They are thicker, which provides more protection to your teeth
  • Can lessen the severity of a concussion
  • They last longer

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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