Routine Dental Checkup

Preventative Dental Care

“If you can’t remember the last time you went to the Dentist, let us show you how EASY and COMFORTABLE it is now!”

Information is king. If any of us has to make an important decision, we will all typically try to get some information to help us make the best possible decision. Really, that’s all any dental check-up is about.

Whether it be a specific exam to address a specific tooth or concern, a consultation with regards to smile improvements, or a comprehensive evaluation to explore and plan the reconstruction of your bite, a check-up with your dentist is the cornerstone of predictable and comfortable dentistry.

If we catch the problem early, we can minimize the damage to your tooth, to your heath, to your smile, and to your wallet!

Benefits of regular dental care

Whiter teeth: We all want that beautiful white smile. Preventative oral exams and cleanings will ensure that you maintain the brightness of your teeth.

Stronger teeth: Diligent care of your teeth means that they will be less susceptible to tooth decay and suffer from fewer cavities, which in turn means fewer fillings in your future. We find that this always makes our patients happy!

Avoid tooth loss: Early diagnosis increases your options for avoiding serious tooth decay problems and decreases the risk of bone and tooth loss. Left too long, the only treatment solution for a tooth ache may be a root canal or extraction! Our hope is to address the problem while they are still small and easy to fix, saving you the grief of dental pain and the costs of bridges or dental implants to lost teeth.

Fresh Breath: Bad breath (Halitosis) is embarrassing and can make you severely self-conscious. Good dental hygiene and regular check-ups can help eliminate this frustrating problem and has been found to assist in career advancement and success in social situations.

Prevent serious health problems: New research indicates that tooth decay and gum disease are related to much more serious health issues such as heart disease, oral cancer, and diabetes. Through scheduled visits, we will assess and track the changes in your oral health so that you will always have the peace of mind of a clean and healthy mouth.

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