Professional Development Workshop

​Dr. Goel believes in fostering learning and growth for his team, supporting wholeheartedly that our expansion of skills is what allows us, as a team, to provide patients with exceptional oral health care in a comfortable environment. In addition, for a team to be fully engaged in patient care, the team also needs to be empowered.

In order to facilitate such an empowerment, this past Thursday and Friday, the clinic may have been closed to seeing patients, but the team was hard at work at a Professional Development Workshop. Dr. Goel flew in Ms. Mary Osborne from Seattle to facilitate the discussion, exchanging of ideas and the brain storming to improve the relationships and communication with our patients and within our own team.

The two days proved to be both inspiring and thought provoking. There was a lot of laughter and a few tears. However, by the end, we became a closer knit dental family that was energized and privy to new techniques, ensuring that the care for our patients will become all the more extraordinary.

As I have previously mentioned, a key belief at Braeside Dental Centre is the establishment of relationships with our patients. Essentially, phenomenal care is not just through clinical expertise, but also through authentic and genuine communication, listening, and personalized care. The team at Braeside Dental Centre truly cares about your oral health and we are committed to not only show you that we do, but to also continuously improve our skills while providing you the uniquely personalized service that you (our patients) deserve.

Thank you to our patients for your understanding while we were closed.

All the best,

Braeside Dental Centre


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