Periodontal Disease

Bone loss of the jaw, also known as periodontal disease, affects almost half of the adult population in Canada and the United States. However, a large portion of this demographic goes undiagnosed.  There are 3 stages of periodontal disease: early, moderate, and severe. Many factors affect the severity of periodontal disease including but not limited to: age, clenching or grinding, and autoimmune diseases such as diabetes. It is important that periodontal disease is diagnosed early to prevent further bone loss, pain, and decay. Early to moderate bone loss can be managed at a general dental clinic. During a hygiene appointment, the hygienist performs periodontal probing to measure for bone loss. If a patient is diagnosed with moderate to severe bone loss, and it can not be managed at a general dental clinic, they will be referred to a dental specialist called a Periodontist.

At Braeside Dental, Dr. Goel has his hygienists attend an advanced periodontal instrumentation course.  This course consists of both theoretical and practical training in order to ensure that the attendees are qualified to successfully manage those moderate to severe cases.

Ask your Braeside Dental Hygienist about periodontal probing during your next visit!

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