Oral Cancer Screening

Cancer is unfortunately a topic that usually comes up at some point in our lives. Whether it be a family member, a friend, ourselves, or a friend of a friend, I think we all have had to deal with cancer in some way or another. Did you know that we offer oral cancer screenings here at Braeside?

Approximately 5,300 Canadians were diagnosed with oral cavity cancer in 2019 (Canadian Cancer Society). Oral cancer is more prevalent than you might expect, as it is diagnosed at similar rates compared to leukemia and pancreatic cancer (American Cancer Society). It has higher rates than ovary, brain, and kidney cancers, as a few examples. As with any health issue, early detection of oral cancer has a much better prognosis than finding it at a later, more aggressive stage. Survival rates have found to be higher when found early.

Here at Braeside, we usually do screenings on people aged 40 and over. However, anyone can have a check done. Oral screenings do not hurt and are super quick and easy; it takes less than 2 minutes to complete. The Dentist will complete a thorough examination of the head, neck, and soft tissues inside the mouth. They will look for any abnormalities or color changes with regard to your soft tissues. You have probably had a few done already, as the Dentist is always checking these things when you have a regular checkup.

If your screening is normal, then the Dentist will usually check on you annually. If there is an area of concern, we will refer you to an oral surgeon. Sometimes, all they need to do is a small biopsy to check if everything is okay. With oral cancer, being proactive is better in the long run and early detections have saved lives. So, ask us today about your next screening, and let’s be proactive together!


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