Cannabis and Oral Health

With cannabis being legalized in Canada, it is important to discuss the use of cannabis on your oral health. Cannabis use is generally associated with oral health effects. Some conditions that are related to cannabis use include: A) Xerostomia. This is a dry mouth condition. A decrease in saliva production leads to an increase in caries, […]

Gum disease

Why prevention is the key: Just about every part of your body is susceptible to infection, even your mouth. The difficult part is that there are many factors influencing the conditions of your mouth. Things like age, race, genetics, smoking, and oral hygiene are just a few. While there are many factors that you are unable to control, […]

Dental care for your dog

Every day we humans spend time taking care of our teeth, but what about our dogs? How can their teeth and gums stay healthy if we don’t give them the same care? The best way to ensure your dog’s teeth are clean and healthy is to brush them. Bacteria and plaque can harden on your […]

Periodontal (bone disease) and its implications in men’s general health

I thought, as we have just concluded Movember – the month of good and bad facial hair, to raise awareness of men’s health issues. It would be appropriate to write a blog on how periodontal disease affects men’s health. Periodontal disease, or as I like to call it, bone disease, is a chronic inflammatory condition […]

Dental Microscope at Braeside Dental Clinic

Dentistry has undergone many advances in the last 50 years. One of the most significant aspects of its advance can be attributed to the use of magnification and additional light sources. When I started practicing nearly 26 years ago, the number of practitioners using magnification loops was small. When I started using magnification loops with […]

October is Dental Hygiene appreciation month!

     Fall isn’t just for big comfy sweaters and pumpkin spice everything; it is also for dental hygiene appreciation month! So lets talk about why having regular dental hygiene therapy is so important to maintain optimal oral health. Prevention is cheaper in the long run. Having regular hygiene appointments not only keep the foundation […]

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