Is It Safe to Visit Braeside Dental During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Is It Safe To Visit My Dentist During Covid19?

Yes! At Braeside Dental, we have gone above and beyond the protocols required by Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) to maintain the very highest level of protection for patients. When approaching every decision at Braeside Dental, our team asks themselves whether or not we, or our families, would be safe as a patient in our dental chair. The end result: an environment that utilizes every precaution that we can to ensure patient safety.

Why Is It Safe to Visit My Dentist During Covid19?

At Braeside, we have two HVAC systems that have been adjusted for COVID-19. While the standard system is normally is set to 90% re-circulated air and 10% fresh air, our systems are now set at a 50:50 ratio to increase our outdoor air supply (so as to reduce the stagnant air and increase the fresh air). Many of you may have noticed that it is sometimes a little bit cooler in the office.  This HVAC setting is the reason and we have the heat running to compensate.

We have also installed a negative air pressure system. Along with the HVAC system, this also circulates air and reduces the possibility of stagnant pathogens in an indoor setting.

Surgically Clean Air Systems have been placed in every operatory room and the waiting area. The surgically clean air system uses HEPA filters and UV light to clean 99-99.99% of any particles, including viruses and droplets, within 3 to 5 minutes. Studies have found that these units are successfully clean and sterilize the air in medical labs, dental clinics, and in hospitals.

At the end of the day, we fog the entire office with HOCl (hypochlorous acid), instantly killing any harmful bacteria. Humans naturally produce HOCl to combat viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, so it is entirely safe to use. We even put it in our eye drops!

In addition to these protocols that go beyond the standard-issue of care, our staff constantly wears PPE (includes masks, gowns, shields, goggles, and gloves), wipes down everything people come into contact with, and maintains strict patient and staff screening protocols.  We have removed all non-essential items and placed chairs 6 feet apart in waiting rooms. Our system software is being updated so that we are able to enter medical information online, thereby reducing patient time in the reception area. In order to reduce risk, we also do our best to book immune-compromised patients earlier in the day. However, all patients are booked in a staggered manner to reduce contact.

All patients are required to wear masks before and after direct care. They will also sanitize their hands as they enter and exit our office. If you would like a more comprehensive list of protocols and precautions, please give us a call!


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