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At Braeside Dental Centre we are pleased to help those who have anxiety or dental phobia with sedation.  We can provide a range of sedation options from N2O (laughing gas) to IV sedation.

Fear is a very real emotion that can prevent people from seeking dental treatment.  It is estimated that 75% of people in North America experience some fear in going to the dentist.  Up to 20% of people avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear.  There are also people who are panic-stricken or terrified of going to the dentist.  This amount of fear is dental phobia.  If you think you need help getting your dental needs met, we are here to help.  It is very important to us at Braeside Dental Centre to make your dental care as comfortable as possible.  We will do this by listening and working together with you, to come up with a plan that best supports you in a way that makes achieving dental needs easy.  If you feel you would like sedation to help you comfortably have your dental work completed we are pleased to be able to provide a range of sedation options ranging from N2O (laughing gas) to IV sedation to help you get your dental health to the level you desire.

Is Sedation right for me?

People chose sedation dentistry for many good reasons. Here a just a few of the most common ones:

  • Fear or apprehension
  • Difficulty freezing
  • Time efficiency
  • TMJ problems
  • Wisdom tooth extractions

Curious if sedation might be the right option for you, we are here to answer all you questions in a respectful, safe environment.

What are the different types of sedation?

We offer:

N2O sedation or laughing gas

This works great for children or adult patients who need a little help getting through the freezing and don’t have time to take the day off for their dental treatment.  The recovery is very quick from N2O.  We allow you to relax for 5 minutes after your treatment is complete while you are breathing 100% oxygen to help flush the N2O from your system.

IV sedation (moderate sedation)

This is defined as moderate sedation.  This works well for adults who have a significant fear or anxiety about having their dental work completed.  It is also appropriate for one time procedures like wisdom teeth extractions or dental implant placement or multiple extractions.

Will I be asleep?

Moderate sedation (formerly called conscious sedation) means you will be able to respond to simple questions but since the medication used has an amnesia effect often people do not remember much of the appointment.

Is moderate sedation safe?

We will review all your health concerns with you before the appointment to make sure sedation is a safe and appropriate option for you.

You will be closely monitored throughout the appointment. You will be under the care of a dedicated dental assistant who monitors your progress throughout the sedation.

What if I have a needle phobia?

We are able to give you an oral sedative prior to having the IV put in.  We will also place a numbing gel called gel on the area where we will place the IV in.  The combination of the oral sedative and the numbing gel has proven to be very effective for those who have needle phobia to still get the benefits of moderate sedation.

What to expect:

Before the appointment:

Once we have established that you are a good candidate for sedation by reviewing your medical history and concerns we will collaborate with you about what treatment meets your needs and priorities best.  We will explain the procedure and review the informed consent information with you so you are well informed.  We will also provide you with written instructions to help you prepare properly for your appointment.

Day of treatment with sedation:

Since you will need to be on an empty stomach for 8 hours prior to your appointment typically people choose an early morning appointment time.  You must have someone bring you to your appointment and pick you up.  You can not use public transportation like a bus, taxi or ride sharing like Uber.  We start by checking in with you to see if you have any questions that have come up about your appointment or treatment.  Once we have addressed your concerns we will start the sedation and then complete your treatment.

After the appointment: How long do the effects last?

Once you have recovered enough to go home, we will send you home with the responsible adult you have arranged to take care of you after your appointment.  Often people go home and have a little to eat and possibly take some pain medication and then sleep.  Most of the time people are starting to feel more normal by supper time.  Although you may be starting to feel normal you should not operate any motor vehicle or other hazardous devices for 24 hours after your appointment.  Nor should you drink alcohol or take other recreational drugs, this can be very dangerous.

Some common side effects:

❏    Drowsiness

❏    Feeling heaviness or sluggishness

❏    Loss of memory (most people like this side effect)

❏    Slow reflexes and less stable on your feet (try to avoid stairs after your appointment)

❏    Low blood pressure

❏    Headache

Moderate sedation might be your best way to have a little, some or all of your dental work done. We want to make reaching your dental goals as easy and as comfortable as possible. Talk to us about all your dental concerns. We are here to listen.gel

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