Daily Appliance Cleaning

We all know the importance of washing our hands in order to keep viruses and germs at bay.  This practice will help to keep our bodies healthy.

There is also evidence that brushing and flossing our teeth and gums on a regular basis will keep our mouth healthy. Brushing is important to keep the bacteria that causes cavities at bay, and our gums and bone healthy.  Brushing, flossing and regular dental check ups will help us keep our teeth for the long haul.

For the denture wearers out there, it is important to clean your dentures and your gums under those dentures twice daily, and to rinse with water or salt water after meals. This practice will help you to maintain optimal oral health.  A proper cleaning routine will remove the plaque and encourage blood flow to the areas under your dentures so that your denture will continue to fit properly. With proper cleaning, you will also be keeping harmful yeast, bacteria and fungus at bay.

These days there are more than just dentures that people would wear every day that should be cleaned daily

  •  Sports guard:  Should be cleaned after each use.  It can be cleaned with water and a toothbrush free of toothpaste.   Using toothpaste can potential scratch your appliance and the scratches are where harmful bacteria can settle and grow.
  • Night guard or orthotic appliance: Clean after every use with a toothbrush free of toothpaste.  As with the sport guard the toothpaste can potentially scratch your appliance.  Please also remember to always bring your appliance with you to your hygiene maintenance appointments.  Here at Braeside Dental Centre your hygienist will take care of professionally cleaning it for you.
  • Invisalign, ortho aligners and ortho retainers: Clean daily with a toothbrush free of toothpaste to avoid the possibility of scratching.

Below are some more ideas that you can use to assist with your daily denture and appliance cleaning at home. These ideas will help you to keep your oral appliance sparkling clean and minty fresh:

  • Polident – Follow directions on the package
  • Mouthwash and water – Make a 50:50 solution.  Soak the denture overnight.  Keep in mind that if the appliance has any metal on it the soaking time is to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Vinegar and water – Make a 50:50 solution – Keep in mind that if your appliance has any metal on it only soak the appliance for 10 minutes maximum

With all of these products and solutions it is recommended that you use a tooth brush to brush your denture or appliance after the soak to remove any build up plaque that would still be there after the soak.

It is always important to handle your denture with care when cleaning it.  We recommend that you place a towel or face cloth on the bottom of your sink in case you drop the denture. This will give your denture a soft place to land and help to prevent an unfortunate break or chip.

We at Braeside Dental Centre are here to assist you with ideas to help you maintain your optimal oral health. It is important to us that you are able to keep your dentures, oral appliances and your gums clean and healthy. We want you to have a bright sparkling smile for the long haul.

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