Crowns & Bridges

The purpose of dental bridges is to bridge the physical gap left by one or more missing teeth. They are made from a combination of porcelain, alloys, and gold, or just one of these materials. Dental bridges are firmly attached to healthy teeth neighbouring the gap, ensuring both form and function are restored. Furthermore, dental bridges offer additional benefits, such as helping to maintain natural facial contour and reducing the strain on your bite, which can be caused by an incorrect occlusion resulting from missing teeth.

Typically, in readiness for a dental bridge, the usual practice of our dentist is to delicately trim the two healthy teeth that flank the gap, followed by taking an impression to construct the bridge. The process entails our dentist meticulously filing down the healthy teeth in readiness for the dental bridge. Should you desire to gather more information about this procedure, kindly get in touch with us at Braeside Dental Centre today!


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