Cosmetic Care

Teeth Whitening

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, it’s inevitable that they will experience some degree of yellowing or general discolouration over time. But, fret not! Our dental practice offers both in-office and at-home teeth whitening solutions that can significantly brighten the shade of your teeth and provide natural-looking, long-lasting results. Our professional-grade whitening is one of the most effective methods available today, and our dentist, Dr. Manish Goel at Braeside Dental Centre, can tailor the treatment to your unique needs and goals, helping you attain a brilliant, radiant smile that you can confidently flaunt.

Porcelain Veneers

If you’re looking to fix any perceived imperfections in your teeth, porcelain veneers may be an excellent option for both men and women. Made from a thin ceramic material, this cosmetic dentistry solution is attached to the outside of the affected teeth, effectively masking any blemishes such as stains, chips, gaps, or minor misalignments that affect your smile’s appearance. At Braeside Dental Centre, our expert cosmetic dentists can create porcelain veneers customized to the exact colour and shape of your surrounding teeth, ensuring that you achieve a stunning smile with long-lasting, natural-looking results.
Porcelain veneers offer numerous benefits, including the ability to address a variety of cosmetic concerns with your teeth such as:
This cosmetic dentistry solution can effectively cover up these imperfections by bonding a thin ceramic material to the front surface of the affected teeth, ultimately resulting in a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Composite Bonding

Bonding, also referred to as bonded restoration, provides a painless solution to minor tooth repairs. During a single dental visit, several teeth can often be treated using tooth-coloured composite resin material. This composite resin is placed onto the tooth, shaped according to the desired outcome, and subsequently hardened using a special light. This innovative dental technique offers numerous benefits, such as:
Before initiating the bonding procedure, our Calgary-based dentist will place a thin, clear plastic film called a matrix between the tooth requiring treatment and its adjacent tooth. This matrix serves to safeguard the surrounding teeth from the composite resin material.
A mild chemical is then applied to the tooth in question to create a slightly rough surface, facilitating the bonding of the composite resin to the tooth enamel. The composite resin material, which is carefully selected to match the natural colour of your teeth, is applied to the tooth in layers, with each layer being hardened using a special light. Once the final layer of composite resin is cured, our dentist will shape and polish it to create a natural-looking and smooth tooth. During your subsequent dental visit, your dentist will examine the bonding and make any necessary adjustments. Over time, the bonding may wear down, and your dentist may replenish the composite resin to maintain optimal results.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Composite or “white” fillings, also referred to as tooth-coloured fillings, offer significant advantages over the previous mercury-based “silver” fillings. By using a robust ceramic material, cavities and decay can now be treated without any of the dangers previously associated with mercury fillings. Moreover, the aesthetic outcome of tooth-coloured fillings blends seamlessly with your natural teeth, enhancing your smile’s overall appearance.

Crowns and Bridges

The purpose of dental bridges is to bridge the physical gap left by one or more missing teeth. They are made from a combination of porcelain, alloys, and gold, or just one of these materials. Dental bridges are firmly attached to healthy teeth neighbouring the gap, ensuring both form and function are restored. Furthermore, dental bridges offer additional benefits, such as helping to maintain natural facial contour and reducing the strain on your bite, which can be caused by an incorrect occlusion resulting from missing teeth.
Typically, in readiness for a dental bridge, the usual practice of our dentist is to delicately trim the two healthy teeth that flank the gap, followed by taking an impression to construct the bridge. The process entails our dentist meticulously filing down the healthy teeth in readiness for the dental bridge. Should you desire to gather more information about this procedure, kindly get in touch with us at Braeside Dental Centre today!

Bone Grafting

When there isn’t enough bone volume to support a dental implant, bone grafting becomes necessary. The implant’s success and stability depend on a solid foundation, which the bone provides. Hence, bone grafting can reconstruct lost bone to support implants. The bone grafting process, also known as Guided Bone Regeneration, helps in the regeneration and growth of lost bone caused by teeth extractions, missing teeth, periodontal bone diseases (such as periodontitis), or facial trauma.

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