Common Reasons for Avoiding Dental Treatment

It has been my experience that many people avoid going to the dentist because of fear of pain, lack of pain, embarrassment, or the cost of dental treatment.

Fear is a very real emotion and may prevent some of us from seeking dental treatment.  I remember growing up and my dental experiences being unpleasant, which made it difficult for me as an adult to seek dental treatment.   At the time, my parents only took me to the dentist when I had a toothache.  It was not because they didn’t care, but because they did not understand or have the knowledge of how important regular dental care is.  By the time I went to see the dentist, my dental problems had advanced and were uncomfortable.  It is very important to us at Braeside Dental Centre to make your dental care as comfortable as possible.  We will do this by listening and working together with you, to come up with a plan that best treats your dental needs.

This brings me to why people don’t go to the dentist if they don’t feel pain.  If you feel pain, it is usually an indication of a bigger dental problem.  Small cavities and early stages of periodontal disease (bone and gum disease) do not generally present themselves with any pain; That is why it is important to have regular check ups, x-rays and cleanings so we can find, treat and maintain dental disease at its early stages.  I see patients that have lost a lot of bone support around their teeth and are not aware of it because they don’t have any pain.  It is always difficult to tell someone that they are going to lose their teeth because of either lack of bone support from bone and gum disease or other dental disease.  It is important to understand that dental disease can be occurring in the mouth without pain being present.

Some of us also experience the fear of being judged on our current dental condition. Our team at Braeside Dental Centre cares about each of our patients and values you as an individual no matter what your dental condition or needs are.  It is important to know that untreated dental disease can affect overall body health.  The mouth is the entrance into our bodies and harbours a large number of bacteria. This bacteria can influence many health issues like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, cancer or many other systems in the body.

The last reason I would like to address on why people avoid dental care is the cost of dental treatment.  Unfortunately, when dental problems are not treated while they are small, they grow into bigger dental problems.  This can lead to more expensive treatment.  A tooth that has a large cavity if left too long can lead to a tooth abscess;  That tooth will then require a root canal and a crown, which ends up costing literally 10 times as much as a simple filling.  Gum disease left untreated can lead to tooth loss and the requirement of a tooth replacement.  Most dental problems are more affordable if treated in the early stages.

Whatever your dental needs are, Braeside Dental Centre values you as an individual.  We will work together to come up with a plan that best fits your dental needs and your budget.  Our goal is to help you have comfortable dental care, as little dental treatment as possible over your lifetime, and to establish regular dental maintenance to achieve your version of optimal dental health.

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