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When engaging in recreational or sports activities that have the potential to cause injury, children need to wear mouth guards, also referred to as sports guards or athletic mouth protectors. These crucial pieces of equipment fit snugly over the upper teeth, safeguarding the entire oral region from traumatic injury and preserving both the appearance and the health of the smile. Mouth guards are also used to prevent tooth damage in children who grind their teeth (brux) at night.
The majority of sports organizations now require participants to wear mouthguards regularly. Although mouthguards primarily safeguard teeth, they can also significantly reduce the amount of force transmitted from an impact point (jaw) to the central nervous system (base of the brain). In doing so, mouthguards help decrease the risk of traumatic brain injury, which is especially crucial for younger children.
Moreover, mouthguards can reduce the likelihood of the following injuries:

Sealants and Fluoride Treatments

At Braeside Dental Centre, we understand the importance of providing extra care for your child’s oral health. While regular brushing is essential, there may be hard-to-reach spots, cracks, and other mouth conditions that make cleaning extra challenging. To help protect your child from the pain of tooth decay, we recommend dental sealants. These plastic resins harden and fill in cracks on the teeth for added protection against cavities. Additionally, fluoride treatments can be an effective way to further strengthen your child’s teeth. We believe that every child is unique and deserves tailored dental care that meets their specific needs. Our professional team is dedicated to providing the best and most appropriate procedures for your child, so they can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile. Don’t wait – schedule an appointment with us today to give your child the extra care they deserve.

Space Maintainers

When a baby’s tooth is lost, it can cause surrounding teeth to shift and potentially affect the proper eruption of adult teeth. To prevent this from happening, we offer space maintainers as a solution. Space maintainers are devices that are designed to hold the space where the lost tooth was, ensuring that the adult tooth erupts in its designated space. Our professional team is dedicated to providing exceptional dental treatments for children, and we are happy to assist you in learning more about space maintainers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child’s dental needs. We look forward to seeing you!

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