MI Paste

What doesn’t this little tube of greatness do? If you have: sensitive teeth, recession, braces, dry mouth, a high acidic diet, gastric reflux, a high caries index, or are caring for an infant … Listen up!! MI paste is the only take home dental product that contains Recaldent. This milk-derived protein releases calcium and phosphate

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Dental X-rays

Dental x-rays are a very common procedure used in dental offices. They can help your dentist see things that they cannot see with the naked eye, helping them come up with the proper treatment plan for each individual patient. Some of the common uses for X-rays are (but not limited to): Diagnosing decay between teeth

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  ​Did you know that all the staff members of our Dental Family are CPR certified? One of Dr. Goel’s many practice philosophies is to empower his staff.  Every year, he brings his staff together for a refresher CPR course. On September 29th, our dental family came together for such a course.  It is his

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