Bad Breath

Got bad breath? Did you know persistent bad breath could be caused by more than just inconsistent oral hygiene care?      Often times, people believe that bad breath is solely caused by poor oral hygiene or neglecting regular dental visits. Although gum disease and poor oral hygiene is one of the leading causes, there are […]

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Regulating pH in our mouths is a very important part of our oral health, as it helps control the bacteria that contributes to tooth decay and gum/bone disease. Diets that are high in acidity can cause the outer surface of the tooth to demineralize, very much like acid eroding metal!  Therefore, finding and implementing ways

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Trends In Dentistry

  I love Dentistry; It is an art that is always evolving. There are always new developments in equipment, materials, techniques, and practice management to help our patients and loved ones. I thought I would talk about airway and its effect on our health, building on Bonnie’s previous blog post. I am referring  to what

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Sport Guards

When we see youngsters riding a bike, skateboard or on a scooter our thoughts go to safety right away: “wear your helmet” or “where is your helmet?” For our children and youth playing hockey, ringette, or lacrosse, it is mandatory for them to be wearing mouth guards. We are very aware of the importance of

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Wisdom Teeth

Why do they call them wisdom teeth anyways? These late arriving third molars are dubbed “wisdom teeth” because they are thought to come during the transition from adolescence and adulthood. With age comes wisdom… right? There will come a time where they’ve taken that big X-ray that goes all the way around your head (a

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