A Dental Guide for Older Adults

  As we age, or become a caregiver to those who raised us, we see greater changes in teeth and gums. These changes require more care, rather than less.  As well, older adults have greater challenges with: Missing teeth Heavily restored teeth Higher rates of gum/periodontal disease Very high rates of tooth decay Higher rates […]

Why is flossing so important?

  Oral hygiene and the use of interdental aids are pivotal for the preservation of oral health. The accumulation of Bio-film, plaque, and calculus are still considered the leading cause of gingivitis, with the potential to lead to an onset of periodontal disease (Gum and bone disease). Since soft plaque begins to harden on the […]

Can bad breath be caused by something other than oral hygiene?

Although poor oral hygiene or an overgrowth of natural bacteria in the mouth is the main cause of bad breath, it isn’t the only cause. Several other conditions can be linked to having less desirable breath. Let’s touch on a few things that could be causing your partner or friends to complain about your breath! […]

Can herbal and alternative medications affect your oral health and everyday dental procedures?

When filling out a dental and medical health history prior to any dental therapy, it is important to provide your dental health professionals with a complete and concise overview of your personal health history. Whether it is a prescription medication or a herbal/alternative medical tincture, it must be disclosed. Any substance that alters the body […]

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