Dental Services Explained

EMAX- A Type of Aesthetic Crown

The Many Different Types of Dental Crowns to Choose From: Porcelain fused to a Metal Crown (Tooth coloured crown with a metal base) Full Gold Crown Zirconia layered crown (full tooth coloured crown) Zirconia full contoured crown (full tooth coloured crown) EMAX Crown (full tooth coloured crown and the topic of discussion today) Feldspathic Veneer […]

Direct Fillings and Removing Amalgam Fillings

Going to the dentist and getting a filling is a common experience for most of us, but not all of these experiences are the same. When bacteria (that are ever present in our mouths) are allowed to rest, undisturbed, against the surface of our teeth, their metabolic byproducts (their poop!) can start to damage and […]

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