Cannabis and Oral Health

With cannabis being legalized in Canada, it is important to discuss the use of cannabis on your oral health.

Cannabis use is generally associated with oral health effects. Some conditions that are related to cannabis use include:

A) Xerostomia. This is a dry mouth condition. A decrease in saliva production leads to an increase in caries, bad breath, gum disease, and candidiasis (thrush/yeast).

B) Smoking marijuana leads to an increase in appetite, which usually results in poor food choices. A diet that is high in sugar and processed foods is directly correlated with an increase in developing caries. If these caries are left untreated they tend to get larger in size and require more expensive and complicated treatments such as root canals and/or extractions.

C) Hyperplasia, also known as gum enlargement, results due to smoking marijuana.  Gum inflammation, bleeding, and the risk of developing oral cancer increases significantly.

D) Periodontal disease has a direct correlation with regular cannabis use. This disease leads to bone loss, increased pocket depth, attachment loss, and eventually, tooth loss.

E) Cannabis use can also impact the effects of dental anaesthetic and certain medications needed for dental procedures. It is vital to discuss with your dentist whether or not you have used cannabis, prior to your appointment, to ensure your safety and comfort.

In order to ensure optimal oral care, it is necessary to see your dentist on a regular basis, maintain your hygiene appointments, and follow good oral care at home.

We encourage you to have an honest discussion about cannabis use with our dental team in a safe and professional environment. There is absolutely no judgment. We pride ourselves in offering you the best care we can in a trustworthy environment.

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