Bad Breath

Got bad breath? Did you know persistent bad breath could be caused by more than just inconsistent oral hygiene care?

     Often times, people believe that bad breath is solely caused by poor oral hygiene or neglecting regular dental visits. Although gum disease and poor oral hygiene is one of the leading causes, there are several other conditions that contribute to chronic bad breath.

  1. Dehydration/Dry mouth: Dehydration and dry mouth may be one of the simplest causes for chronic bad breath, especially if your oral hygiene regime is top notch by flossing and brushing twice a day. Since saliva primarily buffers the mouth of bacteria build up, it only makes sense that if you suffer from chronic dehydration or dry mouth, bacteria will build up and cause odours if not properly cleared. Make sure you drink up at every opportunity and/or invest in several over the counter dry mouth solutions such as sprays, rinses, and lozenges.
  2. Mouth/throat/tonsil issues: Post nasal drip as well as bacteria and food debris can accumulate inside the natural folds of the tonsils. These whitish-yellow stone-like capsules are called Sialoiths or tonsil stones. These stones can be gently removed by a Q-tip. Practicing good oral hygiene can also help to eliminate the formation of these stinky stones and eliminate bad breath.
  3. Diseases: Certain cancers, liver failure, diabetes, and GERD can also contribute to bad breath by creating resulting chemicals.

If you suffer from chronic bad breath, it is important not to jump to any conclusions about your health.  Improving your oral hygiene regime to include brushing and flossing after meals, as well as drinking more water throughout the day, may be the first steps to solving your bad breath blues. If after a few weeks your problem hasn’t cleared up, then seeking the help of your local dentist or general physician may be warranted.

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