Are Primary Teeth Important?

That question is not uncommon, as many people believe that primary teeth (also known as baby teeth or deciduous teeth) are not important to a child’s dental health because these teeth are replaced with adult teeth.

Over time however, what we’ve come to understand is that primary teeth perform many functions. Just because primary teeth are not permanent, does not mean they are not important to your child’s dental health.

Of course, healthy teeth equates to easy chewing (and thereby lots of eating) and helping the child learn how to speak, both crucial parts of growth. Beyond that, baby teeth that have been in good care aid in setting the scene for their adult teeth. This includes guiding the adult teeth into the correct position, correct development of the jaws, aligned bites, and minimizing the chances of overlapping teeth.

As primary teeth may need to last for at least 10 years, at which point the root of the tooth breaks down and allows for the adult tooth to take its place, it is necessary for children to maintain great oral health.

Taking care while brushing their teeth and flossing is honestly the greatest help in securing healthy teeth. While this is not groundbreaking advice, trust in its legitimacy, for it is the attention to simple actions that keeps us the healthiest.

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