Sleep Apnea

At the Braeside Dental Centre, we provide personalized snore guards and nightguards to ensure that your breathing passages remain unobstructed, allowing for a smooth flow of air. These unique appliances function by delicately moving the lower jaw forward, which tautens the soft tissues of the airway and minimizes the likelihood of muscles and other soft oral tissues obstructing the normal airflow during sleep. CPAP machines are the recommended and most effective treatment for sleep apnea, but some patients are not able to tolerate the noisy equipment and cumbersome apparatus that is worn during sleep. Our custom-made oral appliances resemble orthodontic retainers, offering a comfortable alternative for patients or as an additional treatment to be used in conjunction with CPAP therapy. Many patients opt to use an oral appliance while travelling to avoid transporting their CPAP machine. After a thorough evaluation of your needs, our dentist will assist you in selecting the ideal option and developing a tailored treatment plan.


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