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​My early childhood memories of going to the dentist consist of being asked by the assistant if I wanted the blue or the pink room. At the end of the appointment, I’d be offered a ring for good behavior. I always asked if I could take one for my twin sister as well. At Braeside Dental, we don’t have a pink or blue operatory, but we definitely enjoy seeing children. Best of all, we have great prizes for the children. When the little people of the practice require restorations, we try to make it easy and comfortable for all those involved.
Mom and Dad are encouraged to stay in the reception area. They will be more comfortable there and if they are needed, we know where they are. Often, if parents are nervous about a dental procedure, the children will pick up on it and begin to feel anxious too. It is always best if the parents don’t explain too much about the procedure, especially the freezing. Less is definitely more. Most of the time, children aren’t aware that they are getting freezing, as we use a topical anesthetic that goes on the soft tissue and helps to make it more comfortable. Also, children are distracted in the operators with televisions (they’re mounted on the ceiling for easy viewing). Some young ones benefit from having N2O. This is a procedure that will help them relax. A nose piece is placed over their nose and they’re instructed to breathe through their nose, not their mouth, which can be a challenge when your mouth is open.  After the procedure has been completed, they will breathe oxygen for ten minutes. By doing this, the N2O will be flushed completely out of their system. This is a great option to help with nerves.
We always try to work fast and efficiently with children. Also, Dr. Goel almost always takes photos of the process with an intra oral camera. After the procedure, Mom or Dad are brought back and the photos are reviewed with them so that they can be a part of the process.
Most importantly, local anesthetic can last anywhere from 2-6 hours. It is important to supervise the child so they don’t bite, scratch, or chew their tongue or cheek while frozen. It is best not to eat at all, however soft foods such as pudding, yogurt and smoothies… mmm mmm good. Children are all rewarded for trying hard by being able to choose one or two great prizes. Sometimes even a high five…
We are excited to see all of you soon!
Braeside Dental Centre

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