IV Sedation

At Braeside Dental Centre, we pride ourselves in offering positive experiences to our patients. We can help people that experience a high level of fear and anxiety through IV sedation. Dr. Jost is our certified dentist to perform IV sedation and is continually updating his education to keep current with new advancements.

There are a lot of people who have fear and anxiety associated with going to the dentist. This could be the result of a negative past experience that in turn, leads to the neglect of their dental health.

With a warm cozy blanket placed on you, we start off by monitoring all your vital signs and recording them. Once the medication is administered it is recorded to ensure your comfort and safety.  Vital signs include blood pressure, heart rate, pulse and oxygen saturation.

There is always one dedicated dental assistant in the room with you for the entire appointment.

Most patients have little or no memory of their visit. This means that you are relaxed throughout your appointment and allows us to meet your dental needs while ensuring your comfort.

IV sedation is extremely safe. Patients are not unconscious, instead in a deeply relaxed state.
There will be no pain, fear, or anxiety associated with your experience.
Once your appointment is completed, you go home with your designated companion.

If you have been putting off taking care of your dental health needs, this option is definitely for you. Your dental health and comfort are our main priorities.  Don’t wait any longer.  Let’s get started.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

– Hina

Braeside Dental Centre

IV Sedation

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