The Harvest

Harvest time has arrived and is well underway.  The time has come to “reap what has been sown”.  With the Harvest, the colours of Fall have emerged with beautiful shades of gold and orange.  The success of the Harvest depends on many things, one of which is proper crop management.  There is a time to seed, a time to nurture, and then a time to gather.  Harvest comes every year and brings people together, working hard to bring success to their families and their communities.

In many ways, Harvest is timeless in the sense that it repeats year after year with similar expectations.  The passage of time occurs for everyone and how we use that valuable time is important to us all.

Our dental health is also ongoing and requires a focus throughout the year, year after year.  Like the Harvest, proper dental health requires management and subscribes to the idea of “reap what you sow”.  We, at Braeside Dental, will help you plant the seeds for ongoing dental health and help you achieve your desired dental health goals.  We will spend the time and make the effort to nurture your understanding and approach to life long success.  Our dental family will work with your family to build a relationship of trust and caring to help you achieve your desired dental health goals.

The team at Braeside Dental strives to provide lasting, classic, and unvarying dental care through routine regular check-ups and oral health maintenance.  We respect and value the time that we share with you.

As always, be kind.

Braeside Dental Centre

The Harvest

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