Happy Birthday Canada

July 1st (Canada’s birthday just in case you didn’t know) is here! It’s the time to spend outside while the weather is warm and it marks the end of a school year. We get a break from the routines of school lunches, play dates, early morning school sport practices and activities.

The struggle is real: getting the kids out of bed, eating breakfast, make school lunches and making sure that they have all their homework in their backpacks. Getting out the door and to school on time adds extra stress to parents of these little creatures. Summer holidays are wonderful and hopefully less stressful on the whole family unit, as they give the family a break from the usual routines and stresses that we are face on a daily basis. I feel that this time goes by WAY too quickly and so I take extra time to sit outside while the weather is warm and smell the roses.

There are so many things to do around the city and surrounding area. The biggest thing is the mountains though, and every year I say I’m going to make an extra effort to get out there more often. This may be the year to do that. Make a date, put on your hiking boots, fill your water bottle, and away you go!  The adventures of summer await.

Happy to Live in Canada, eh?

Oh Canada!!

Ps. Remember to brush and floss
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Happy Birthday Canada

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