​Feelings of Spring

Well it finally came: that first day of Spring, the day that the UN declared “International Happiness Day”.
The spring is known as the most lovable season of the four, and there are many reasons for this.  It’s a time of rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation.  People have more “spring” in their step, more energy, more positive feelings, more creativity, and a more cheery, sunny, outlook than they have had during any other season of the year. 
With more daylight and increased warmth, we all feel more energetic and excited to move our activities from inside to outside.  We socialize more, which gives us a higher sense of well being.  The extra sunshine means more Vitamin D, leading to better health, and lower melatonin levels, thus helping us feel less sleepy or drowsy.  It’s harder to stay alert with long periods of darkness.  The increased period of daylight also heightens the levels of serotonin released in our brain, which makes us feel happier.  Happiness and laughter generate more endorphins, helping to boost our mood and lessen our pain levels.
All the extra fresh air and oxygen helps to lift our mental state, as well as our body’s physical state.  The term “spring cleaning” generally refers to cleaning and clearing out our home’s winter clutter but it can also include opening the windows and letting out the stale air and indoor pollutants and replacing it with fresh, clean air.
Spring is the time to enjoy the emergence of animals from hibernation, the return of birds, the buds and leaves on the trees, the flowers beginning to bloom, and the arrival of baby animals.  The smells of spring enhance the feelings of rebirth and rejuvenation.  We begin to adjust our activities and change our diets, enjoying the more available fresh produce.
The team at Braeside hopes that spring has found you happy and healthy and we would love to see you soon for your Spring hygiene maintenance check-up.
As always, be kind.
Braeside Dental Centre
​Feelings of Spring

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