A healthy mouth…

Hi, my name is Anna Brigham and I have had the joy of being a dental hygienist for 23 amazing years. In my years, I have had the opportunity to see a lot of mouths in many different conditions. However, I’ve never gotten to write a blog before! When I think about all the patients that I have had the opportunity to treat, one main factor is the same with them all: It is most important that we develop a proper treatment plan for each individual.

Each person has their own dental health concerns that need to be addressed, as they can affect the health of the whole body; We have all seen someone affected this way. A bad infection, if not treated, can cause severe health issues or even death. Some examples include: heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancers, or low birth weight (this list could go on for a long time because every system affects the others).

Our goal is to recognize diseases of the mouth and treat them accordingly. We stress the importance of preventative practices in order to maintain a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth means a healthy body.

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A healthy mouth…

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