It’s all about comfort


Having dental work done is not the most fun thing in the world to do.  And as I often relate to people who come to see us for our services, “If you liked having dental work done, I would be worried.”

For some people, while it may not the most enjoyable moment of their day, it is manageable with some TLC from our well trained team.  For others, making the initial phone call to the office can take days, weeks, or months. Approximately 30% percent of the population has significant dental fears.  These are happy, healthy, confident, and successful people just like you.  So, if you don’t like coming to have dental work done, you are definitely not alone.  If you look around you, almost 1 in 3 people share your fear.

Our team understands that this type of fear and apprehension is a fact of life for many people.  With the initial phone call, you will experience empathy from our administration team and then with your interactions from the clinical team.  We can help you find the most comfortable way for you to have your dental goals achieved.  The options include dental freezing (local anesthetic), N2O (laughing gas) and IV sedation.

We believe in helping people get healthy.  This is why I love providing sedation.  It allows people to get healthy, get over their phobias, and removes the barrier that keeps confident, successful people from seeking the treatment they need.  It removes the shame and stigma around having fear of dental treatment.  It gives power back to the person seeking treatment.  It is also very time efficient.  If you have a significant amount of treatment that needs to be done and it is daunting to you, being able to get everything done in a few visits can be very reassuring.
One of the people I provide sedation for is my wife.  She is a dentist and chooses sedation for long appointments because she has TMJ problems and a bad gag reflex.  She feels she gets a great sleep and feels very pampered and cared for.  She tells me she doesn’t  have to brace for injections or worry about not being frozen.  Also, after having had some bad experiences as a child, sedation helps her get through the longer appointments with little anxiety.

Providing IV sedation, along with excellent dental care, is very rewarding because I get to be part of your success and celebrate with you while achieving your dental goals.  It is very humbling and inspirational for me to see people take control of their dental health and apply the values that are important to them in the rest of their life to their dental health.  It feels really good to be a part of that.  It is even better when we are able to gain your trust and transition you to having simple appointments done with out sedation… wouldn’t that be great?

-Dr. Jost
Braeside Dental Centre

It’s all about comfort

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