January 2019

Now that a New Year has started, it can be hard to imagine where the previous year has gone.

With the way time flies, we need some time to: “smell the roses”. But what does that mean exactly? Does it mean that we need to slow down and do less, while sacrificing our everyday activities, or does it mean that we should take some time to reflect on what we have done and accomplished?

Here are some points you can reflect on for 2018:
1. In one word, how would you summarize 2018?
2. What did you embrace?

3. What did you let go of?

4. What changed for you?
5. What did you discover about yourself?

6. What were you most grateful for?

7. How and when did fear hold you back?

8. When did your courage shine for you?

9. Did you surprise yourself? How?

10. Think about what you did in 2018. List the three things that make your heart burst with pride.

Take some time to reflect, as it just may surprise you. A better understanding of how and why your year had played out the way it did may just make you more prepared for the years to come.

2019 is full of possibilities and potential; This is your chance to step out and create the life you want to live.

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January 2019

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