Did Dinosaurs brush their teeth?

I was lucky enough to head out to Drumheller this weekend to visit the dinosaur museum. It was my first time visiting, so you can imagine that there was a lot of excitement and some shameless selfies taken pretending that the dinosaurs were eating me and I was “scared” (very Universal Studios like). I even got to see the Albertosaurus, which when you stand next to it, makes you feel very, very small, like a little speck of dust on the spectrum of the universe.

As I was wandering around, I noticed that they had some display cabinets filled with dinosaur teeth. It got me thinking: How did they clean their teeth? They were so big and some of them even had rows upon rows of teeth! I was thinking that would be a real pain to floss because you could never get a flossing stick in those tight spaces.

A few fun facts that I learned was that a T-Rex has serrated teeth and they all had different functions, the Triceratops’ teeth were made from five layers of tissue, ALL dinosaurs could regrow their teeth (how nice would that be), the Hadrosaurs had more teeth than any other dinosaur, and the Apatosaurus had teeth but couldn’t chew (not doing great).

The moral of the story is that we humans have to look after all of our “Peggy’s” because unlike the dinosaurs, we can’t re-grow them. I will leave you with a thought: just imagine a T-rex, with their tiny little baby hands, that gave me and my friend countless giggles throughout our trip, flossing!

It suffices to say, I had a wonderful time at the museum and it is truly amazing how many bones they have found here in Calgary.

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Did Dinosaurs brush their teeth?

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