Time sure flies by.  Kids have been back in school for a while now, the cool weather has brought us our first snowfall, and at the end of the upcoming week, most will celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering and feasting with family and friends.
Thanksgiving traditionally celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year.  In Canada, it has been recognized as a National public holiday since November 6th, 1879.  It originally started through a formal ceremony, which was held by Martin Frobisher, who was the English explorer who discovered the land that later became known as Canada.  He was giving thanks for surviving the long journey.
Turkeys, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and various displays of food are used to symbolize Thanksgiving Day.  Over the years, other traditions have emerged that relate to everyone’s personal experiences but the main theme is to gather with loved ones to share the past year’s memories, both good and bad.
As with most events involving family and friends, the traditions evolve and get past down from generation to generation, blended and nurtured as different cultural backgrounds come together.  The joy of children learning the various traditions and making them their own in their own environment makes for a stronger bond across the range of ages, both young to old, and old to young.  An example of a fond memory for me, is when my son, who is attending University, brought home all of his plastic storage containers, then raided the fridge for all of the Thanksgiving leftovers to take back to school with him.  All of his favorites, including the gravy (made from a secret family recipe) were gone in an instant.  The pumpkin pie never had a chance!
At Braeside Dental, the sense of family is a relevant theme that enables our staff to provide dental care with a special purpose in mind.  We want you to feel that your family will be part of our family the minute you walk in the door.  Every visit is a step and part of our commitment to each of you in achieving your optimal dental health goals.
Our mission statement reads as follows:
    To strive for excellence while treating our diverse community with compassion, fairness and dignity.
    Our friendly team is dedicated in fostering lasting relationships in a trustworthy atmosphere.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to say that we are very thankful that you have chosen us and trust us to provide you and your loved ones with your dental care.
As always, be kind.
Braeside Dental Centre

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