Summer is almost over

Summer is undoubtedly the best season in the world. You’ve had three beautiful months of warm weather, sun and perhaps a bit of beach time. Everyone has their own way of celebrating summer.  But you didn’t think this could last forever, did you? Those delicious summer days where you could wake up whenever you wanted on your vacation days, see your friends back home, and maybe, do absolutely nothing at all. But considering it’s nearly the end of August, no matter what your preference, summer is quickly coming to an end – whether you like it or not.

We all know summer is a great season. But here are some reasons you should be happy summer is almost over:

  • The heat and resulting sweaty grossness is going to be gone
  • Your make-up will stay on
  • No more mosquitoes
  • You don’t have to make excuses about why you can’t go camping
  • No more stench of steaming, melting garbage
  • No more chocolate melting before you can even eat it
  • No more head-to-toe sunscreen application -not to mention the dilemma about what kind to buy
  • No more sand that always hitches a ride home after beach trips
  • No more fear of bee stings
  • Earlier bedtimes and an extra hour in the fall to sleep in

Remember to have fun in the last few weeks of summer, but don’t be sad that summer is almost over!

Now is the time to break out the oversize sweatshirts, enjoy pumpkin spice-EVERYTHING, and bask in a world exploding with colour –the leaves only stay a beautiful red, orange, yellow, and green for so long…

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Summer is almost over

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