A Wonderful Opportunity

Last month I was gifted the opportunity to experience an alternate role than my usual at Braeside Dental: a dental administrator while one of our team members was on holidays. It was an extremely rewarding experience. My fellow co-workers bent over backwards to assist me, always had a kind word of encouragement, and were always ready to lend a helping hand. In fact, many patients were also very supportive and encouraging once I told them this was my first few days working this position. A sincerest thank you to you all.
It was also wonderful to be able to interact with all of our patients at Braeside Dental Centre. I met patients that have been coming in for over 20 years and welcomed new patients to our dental family. I have to say, it was a valuable experience and my conversations/interactions with each and every patient were the highlights of my day. 
I also was very proud of our team, as all our patients had so many kind things to say about our Dentists, Hygienists and Assistants. The common theme of each patient’s comments were how gentle, kind, and compassionate each and every member of our team was throughout their visit. These kind words mean so much to each of them as they are all so passionate about their craft. Thank you.
All the best! 
Braeside Dental Centre
A Wonderful Opportunity

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