Summer Break

Everyone enjoys the summer break for their own reasons. For example, some take the break as an opportunity to travel, while others take the break as an opportunity to relax with those close to them. My family and I use the break to spend time together, escape the stress, and to experience new things.
Annually, my family and I take some time off in the middle of the summer break to relax and take a break from everything. During the year, my family members always have something they need to do, rarely finding ourselves all together for extensive periods of time. Getting away from it all during the summer gives us a chance to be with one another and to build memories with each other that will last a lifetime.
Furthermore, taking some time off allows us to relax and to escape the stress surrounding our daily lives. Stress can lead to major health problems, and I find that by finding the time to relax, my overall way of life is improved. Soaking up some sun on the patio with a novel and a cold drink sounds like a wonderful start…
The summer break is also an opportunity to travel. Travelling to different places not only provides a basis for new experiences and beautiful views, but also gives us the opportunity to try new things and to learn from a different perspective, improving our vision of the world around us. I believe that it is important to learn about how people from alternate beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds live and to experience a slice of their way of life by eating different foods and seeing that perhaps your own view of the world is not the only one, and maybe not necessarily even the right one. It’s a time for personal growth, excitement, and new adventures, so have an amazing time camping in the fresh air, fishing, and seeing the world!
I certainly look forward to relaxing at home and hope you all find time to do so yourselves!
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Summer Break

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