​Microorganisms are tiny organisms that can only be seen with a microscope. Many microorganisms, or microbes, are harmless. They are everywhere in nature, our environment, and our body. In fact, 95% of bacteria are beneficial and essential to our lives.

Most people have some understanding that it is not wise to eat food that falls on the floor, touch a sick person’s soiled facial tissues, or share eating utensils. They know that they should wash their hands before eating and after using the restrooms. However, despite taking these precautions to protect themselves against germs, we still end up getting infected. For example, we have all become sick with infections like colds or the flu and, even though we didn’t see the microorganisms that infected us, we felt their effects.

Microorganisms can enter our bodies, cause serious illness, and even in extreme cases, death. It can also cause infections when introduced into a body site where they are not normally found. The four main groups of microorganisms are:

  1. Protozoa – These organisms can live in either water, soil or in our bodies without causing harm. However, approximately 30 varieties are pathogenic to humans.
  2. Fungi – Plants that do not require or use light energy. Roughly 100 fungi are commonly found in humans. 10 of these are pathogenic. They are divided in two groups:
    1. Yeasts – Many types are used in the food and beverage industry for making breads and wines.
    2. Molds – Bread and cheese are typical examples.
  3. Bacteria – Found everywhere that there is moisture and nutrients. They grow in or on humans and are an essential part of our body flora (provide natural immunity against certain infections).
  4. Viruses – Depend on air, water, insects, humans or animals to be carried from one host to another.

It is important to remember that even if you cannot see these microorganisms, they can pose a significant impact. At Braeside Dental Centre, controlling, eliminating and preventing the spread of microorganisms is essential through proper instrument cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
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