Spring is the season of change, renewal, growth, fresh air, and new opportunity.
Spring has sprung at Braeside Dental Centre and we are excited about the season ahead of us.
Dr. Goel and his team are shaping a new path here at Braeside Dental Centre.
For some patients it is clear and easy to see and adapt to change, but for others it may be more difficult.  Even though change is all around us and is inevitable, there can be a lot of nervous energy that can make it hard to see the end goal.
Resistance to change, in my opinion, is usually made worse due to lack of clarity.
Dr. Goel has taken careful and thoughtful steps in planning to ensure our path going forward is clear and focused to ensure a smooth transition.
We at Braeside Dental Centre are enthusiastic and optimistic about this fresh new season, which we have chosen to embrace.
We strive to listen to our patients without judgment and focus on making their day better, even if, “you had to come to the dentist”.
As I learn how I respond and watch others, I can see that having a goal and a clear path eases that nervous energy.
Dr. Goel has, in my opinion, prepared his staff and patients so that they can see the vision of a bright future with the addition of Dr. Jost to the Braeside Dental team.
Dr. Jost was selected to not only fit it, but to enhance Braeside Dental Centre, without losing the essence of Braeside Dental Centre.  All patients can continue to expect the calm, comfortable, quality care that they have come to trust.
At Braeside Dental Centre, you can depend on strong leadership, an enthusiastic and motivated staff, and a clear defined path, in providing your dental care.  So take a deep breath of fresh air, relax, and enjoy the new season.
As always, be kind.
Braeside Dental Centre

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