​Beating the Winter Blues

Cold weather, shorter days, holiday stress, and indulging in lots of food and sweets, can make us all feel sluggish and tired. The winter blues are normal, but feeling tired all the time, all winter, can be hard. These are some ways to help you get out of the winter blues and start feeling like yourself again:

Stay Active
Getting up and moving around can improve your mood. Even just making a point of taking a short walk during your lunch break at work can give you a burst of energy to take on the rest of your day.

Get outside
If it’s nice enough, take that walk outside. Getting that natural daylight while you absorb the extra Vitamin D can give you the energy needed to boost your system.

Bundle Up
Staying warm can help reduce those winter blues. Grab a warm drink, put your favourite scarf on, and put on some nice cozy boots. Keeping warm can also help fight off those winter colds and flus.

The Sun!
It’s not often that we see the sun during the winter. It’s dark in the morning on our way to work/school and the sun is setting by the time we are coming home. Other times, it might just be cloudy and we don’t see the sun at all. Getting outside, while the sun is out, is important to making you feel happier (get that Vitamin D into our systems while we can). Try taking that walk mentioned above outside in the sunshine (bundled up) and feel that warm sun on your face for even just 15 minutes.

Now that we’ve all eaten too much from the holidays, you likely feel tired, slow, and crave those sweets after meals. It’s hard to want to eat healthy again but it can help make you feel better. Eating healthier will make you feel lighter and less bloated, giving you more energy throughout the day. Try kicking those sweets cravings and get that sugar kick from fruit.

Make the effort
It’s easy to want to just stay in bed on a cold, dreary day and sleep the day away. You might feel tired, but it’s important to see your friends and family. Making the effort to get out with some people (even if it’s just a quick visit over coffee) can improve your mood and energy.

Stay Positive!
Staying positive can be hard when you know you have go outside in the cold when you’d rather be inside your nice warm house. Try to make the best of the situation you’re in to make it more bearable. Perhaps shovel the snow with the kids while making a game out if it. Maybe you could help them build a snow fort while you’re there, or go out and buy some new winter gear you’ll be excited to wear. Staying positive is the going to be the most important aspect in helping you make it through the winter.

​- Emma
Braeside Dental Centre

​Beating the Winter Blues

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