As a fellow germophobe, who was never a fan of being near people who have the flu, I would be absolutely repulsed by the thought of having unsanitary instruments near my mouth.  I’m sure many others would agree to that particular sentiment.
And yet, when entering hospitals or dental clinics, we are immediately struck by the oh-so-welcoming smell of antiseptic. That is always a delight. However, I suppose that we must accept this most unfortunate of smells since the alternative is to be exposed to killer bacteria. Laozi’s “Sometimes gain comes from losing, and sometimes loss comes from gaining” has never felt so real until this moment.
This past summer, I had the opportunity to work as a sterilization clerk, ensuring that all materials and instruments were clean.  After that experience, I can safely conclude that everything that comes near your mouth at the clinic is probably cleaner than anything else that you came in contact with since your last visit.  For anyone who was concerned, don’t be. Your mouth is safe from incoming infection. Of course, you must brush your teeth to keep it that way. 
I genuinely can assure patients that go to Braeside Dental Center that they will be treated with impeccable instruments only.  I don’t know how many times I threw away latex gloves in one day, having to wear new gloves every time I touched a sterile material. Even every instrument kit that leaves the sterilization room will be re-sterilized, whether or not it was used.
Germophobes, or even the average-Joe who prefers not to get sick, you all need not fear. Braeside is as clean as they come!
Braeside Dental Centre

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