Family Dental Day

This past weekend, Dr. Goel was gracious enough to reserve an entire Saturday for the staff and our families for any dental needs we required. I was fortunate to have a filling and hygiene done that day. When I was younger, I had a really bad experience at another dental office, which has made me nervous about dental work ever since. I know that probably sounds weird considering I work in a dental office, but working at one and having dental work done are two very different things. My appointment was first thing in the morning at 7 am; I woke up with a nervous stomach that lasted until after the treatment was complete.

     When Emma called me in to the room, I told her I was really nervous and what happened when I was younger. She started to joke around with me which helped ease my nerves. Dr. Goel came into the room and I explained to him that I was nervous because of the aforementioned incident. He was extremely empathetic, calming, and reassured me that if at any time I felt uncomfortable or needed a break I only needed to motion to them. He laid the chair back and applied the topical to my gums. We both joked about how the topical was not the best tasting thing in the world, which made my nervousness dissipate even more. When it was time for the freezing, he warned me about what was going to happen and made sure I was ready. As he was freezing, he talked to me, as did Emma, and kept my mind off what was happening. When it was done, I did not even know that it happened already. In the past, I have always felt freezing, which was never the most comfortable. This time, I actually asked him if he had already done it! I was so impressed and grateful. During the procedure, I never felt anything and it was done before I knew it. Dr. Goel and Emma talked to me through the whole procedure, which was nice. It was so wonderful to be valued not only as an employee, but as a patient as well.

     After my filling, I had a hygiene appointment with Shauna. In the past, my hygiene appointments have been quite painful as I suffer from recession and erosion due to my many years of pop drinking. Shauna took the time to apply topical to my gums (so I would not feel anything) and gave me tips on how to properly clean around my upper and lower lingual wires. She did not make me feel like I was doomed because of my erosion, but gave me information on how I can preserve my teeth.

     I will end this blog by saying that Dr. Goel and the rest of my fellow staff at Braeside Dental are very caring and compassionate people. They truly want their patients to feel comfortable and at ease. I can definitely say that I do not feel as nervous about dental treatment as I had previously!

Braeside Dental Centre

Family Dental Day

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