Keep it Simple, Be Kind

As I watched one of our young patients come into our clinic for their very first dental visit, it reminded me of how nervous and scared I was on my first day of kindergarten, oh so many years ago.  The anxiety that one feels when experiencing something unfamiliar can be quite scary.  Who knows what will happen next?  No matter how prepared we may be, we still need that first contact to reassure us that everything is going to be all right.
At Braeside Dental Centre, our number one goal is to earn your trust and confidence the minute you come through the door.  Through calm, comfortable, care, we all work together to communicate in an effective, gentle, and non-threatening manner.  The important things we learn in Kindergarten provide very useful guidance for our entire life long journey.
Simple things like:
play nice, be kind
be brave
put things back where you found them
clean up your own mess
don’t take things that are not yours
watch for traffic, stick together
take a nap
eat healthy snacks
wash your hands
brush your teeth and floss
Like the teacher, our leader, Dr. Goel, encourages us to work within the spirit of these concepts.  Through his guidance and our training, we work together as a team to build relationships, earn your trust, and strive to maintain our high standards.
Dr. Goel is kind, considerate, and honest, and will guide you through your dental health journey.  He will work with you to understand your personal objectives and desired dental health.
That first day of Kindergarten may be a bit scary, but with a warm welcome and friendly, safe environment, fear and anxiety can fade quickly.  At Braeside Dental Centre, our hope and desire is that you will find that calm, comfortable, quality care not only on that first visit, but also thereafter as part of our dental family.
Keep it simple, be kind.
Braeside Dental Centre
Keep it Simple, Be Kind

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